Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Kumuda OS is a Linux Operating System designed with latest features and security for everyone who want to unleash their potential, it uses Debian as base.

Savan Vernekar (Savan S3V) is the solo developer and designer of Kumuda OS & Kumuda Website.

We recommend you to use Kumuda OS because it has an awesome design, various pre-installed apps, latest kernel, pre-installed & configured Security & Privacy tools and many more.

Yes, Kumuda OS is and always will be free to download & use, we will not charge any money, but you can donate if you want to support the project.

We do not recommend downloading Kumuda OS from unofficial websites and torrents, if you do then we are not responsible for any loss.

Follow the instructions to solve the problem :

Step 1 ~>   Open the Terminal
Step 2 ~> Type command "su" and enter the password (Default root password is "kumuda", but if you have changed root password the enter your password)
Step 3 ~> Type command "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list"
Step 4 ~> Go to new line and type "deb soma main" (There should not be space before the word deb)
Step 5 ~> Press Ctrl+O to save the file
Step 6 ~> Press Ctrl+X to exit nano
Step 7 ~> Type command "sudo apt-get update" in the Terminal
Problem Solved :)

We provide 3 different Desktop Environments with Kumuda OS (GNOME, KDE & XFCE).

Default root / su (superuser) password for Kumuda OS is "kumuda" (All small case letters).

Click on the more button that's in the navigation bar, a drop down menu will appear then click on report bugs option & you will be redirected to "Kumuda OS Bug Reporting webpage", once the bug is reported, we will start investigating the bug.